School IES AlbujairaSchool IES AlbujairaOur school´s name comes from the arabic word لبحيرة al-buhayra, which means ¨the little sea¨. We are located near Uribe´s farm, within the municipal of Huércal-Overa, at a hollow called Albujaira. At one time, a lake was formed here due to torrential rains and filtration from the Almanzora river. However, because of an earthquake that occurred in the area, the lake is now dry.

  • In the academic year 1973/74 se crea como the center Department of Professional Training of theTechnical Institute of Middle Education of Huércal-Overa (Sección de Formación Profesional del Instituto Técnico de Enseñanza Media de Huércal-Overa) was established, dependent on the District of Granada.
  • In the academic year 1981/82 the school became known as the Institute of Professional Training of Huércal-Overa (Instituto de Formación Profesional de Huércal-Overa), and established its own team of directors.
  • In the curso 1988/89 courses in Professional Training of First Year Health, specializing in Clinical Assistance, were offered and the school´s name changed to Institute of Professional Training ALBUJAIRA (Instituto de Formación Profesional ALBUJAIRA).
  • In the academic year 1993/94 the school antitipated the LOGSE with the 3rd course of Obligatory Secondary Education (3º de Educación Secundaria Obligatoria). The first course of Obligatory Secondary Education (1º de Educación Secundaria Obligatoria) was incorporated in the year 2000/2001.
  • In the academic year 1994/95 the school expanded to offer the High School Diploma in two disciplines: Health and Natural Sciences and Humanities and Social Sciences (Bachillerato en las dos modalidades de: Ciencias de la Naturaleza y de la Salud y el de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales).

Our school has continued to grow ever since, and has become a reference center in the Autonomous Community of Andalucía (centro de referencia en la Comunidad Autónoma de Andalucía) now that we offer the majority of existing plans and programs (Centro Bilíngüe Inglés, TIC, DIG, Plan Familia, Proyecto Lector, El Deporte en la Escuela, etc) and provide education (ESO, Bachiller y Ciclos Formativos) for over 900 students each year.


Academic Calendar IES Albujaira

The following is our school´s schedule:

  • Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 14:30. Clases are given every hour with a 30 minute recess.
  • Wednesday afternoons from 16:30 to 17:30 parent teacher meetings takes place.

The programs offered in the afternoon (El Plan Familia o Plan de Apertura de Centros Docentes, Actividades Extraescolares, El Deporte en la Escuela y el Programa de Acompañamiento) allow us to provide afterschool supervision and the development of extracurricular activities and athletics.
The school is also open at the weekends so that students may practice sports on our athletic facilities.


Directive Team IES AlbujairaOur Directive Team:

  • Principal (Director) Ginés Parra Ruiz
  • Head of Studies (Jefa de Estudios): Elisa Díaz Sánchez
  • Assistant Head of Studies (Jefa de Estudios Adjunta): Juana Antonia Bonillo Ortega
  • Secretary (Secretario): Víctor Alcaraz Rubio
  • Vice Principal (Vicedirector): Juan López Uribe