After School Educational Programmes


The Spanish Constitution establishes in Article 39 that the social, economic and judicial protection of the family is the principal factor of Spain’s social and economic structure. This same mandate specifies some of the reflections that this obligation has in which it refers specifically to children, fathers and mothers.

Andalusia Education CentresIn the fulfillment of this main mandate, it is sought to implicate other rights and principles which have had constitutional reflections such as:

  • The right of education.
  • The promotion of social and economic progress.
  • The right to health coverage.
  • The promotion of educational access.
  • The need of carry out the forecasting politics, treatment, rehabilitation and integration of the physically, psychologically and emotionally handicapped.
  • The promotion of the well-being of elderly citizens by means of a social service system that attends to their specific problems of health, living, education and leisure.

DECREE 137/2002, of the 30 of April, assists Andalusian families by establishing ways of participation in the education centres: morning and after classes, as well as extracurricular activities. I.E.S. Albujaira is an institution that offers extracurricular activities.

In Articles 16 & 17 of Decree 137/2002 it specifies that the most important aspects in the development of activities in the academic centres.

  • 1. The public teaching institutions of child, primary and secondary education offer outside of the typical school hours, different activities of leisure, sports, music, visual art, health education, computer science, language, and other similar classes that satisfy the formative areas of interests of the students.
  • 2. These extracurricular activities will be established for each student centre by demand.
  • 3. The The family contribution to the cost of the services of the morning classes and activities will be published for public knowledge in conformance with Law 4/1998 on the frees and public prices of the Autonomous Community of Andalucia, enacted on the 5th of July.
  • 4. The assumption of admitted families that cannot overcome the price established by the Additional Spring Division , will receive a discount after the admission period by this division of up to 100 percent of the fixed cost.

The Liberation Plan for Education Centres also has incorporated the novelty of opening the school for the afternoons on select days between 4 and 8pm.
On weekends and holidays the school will be open in the mornings between 9am to 2pm and in the afternoon between 4 and 7 pm.