Athletics in School

Sports IES AlbujairaOur school began its programme “Athletics in School” in the 2006-2007 academic school year. This programme cultivates the atheletic scholar as physical activity recreates competitiveness and/or character in non school hours. It can be utilized by the students from their incorporation into primary school until the end of their obligatory schooling.

Among others, the objectives of the programme are to foster good sportsmanship and physical activity habits, to utilize sports as a medium to integrate students who have special educational needs, to positively influence the environment of the school by integrating disadvantaged groups in society such as that of immigrants, the economically disadvantaged, etcetera, and ultimately to use the participation of sports as a means to instill values of solidarity, collaboration, dialogue , tolerance, gender equality, playing fair, and more.

The Programme’s basic sport disciplines, in regards to group sports are basketball, handball, indoor football and indoor volleyball. For individual sports, the programme offers basic athletics and chess.