Information and Communication Technology

IES Albujaira TIC and DIG programsThis school year, 2010-2011, we will be entering our eight year of incorporating the TIC and DIG programs into our school.

This incorporation has been gradual as there have been changes in the traditional manner of learning and application of the course material. As a result we will develop in our students the necessary capabilities of unwrapping the world of knowledge.

The introduction of computers in the class is an immediate change, but its academic use for professors and students alike requires the development of a series of attitudes, abilities and understanding to best make use of time. Because of this, it is necessary to define the goals that can be reached within a short period of time as well as facilitate the way for other goals that take a longer amount of time to be achieved.

The incorporation of ICT facilities will be gradual and will lead to changes in the traditional ways of understanding and application of the curriculum. Additionally, this incorporation will develop en our students the necessary capabilities to unwrap a world of knowledge.