Peace Programme

Andalusia, School of peaceOur educational system has, among other purposes, the purpose to teach our student the respect of fundamental rights and liberties. It also strives to teach from our democratic principles of coexistence, the practises of tolerance, liberty, peace, cooperation and solidarity among different groups.

It is for this reason, the Department of Education and Science, by means of the Andalusian Educational Plan for the Knowledge of Peace and Non violence inspired by the many practical experiences and investigations of the Peace Knowledge and Education, which was developed by people and groups, as well as the brave foundations of the United Nations and UNESCO, reaffirms its willingness to contribute something more to the goal. For the current and future generations, our goal is an Andalusian society that is more just and tolerant to peace and the ability to coexist in harmony with other peoples. In order to meet this goal, this programme adheres and partipates in a construction of a programme that:

  • Respects the lives and dignity of each person without discrimination or prejudises.
  • Rejects violence in all forms.
  • Cultivates generosity to put an end to exclusion and injustises.
  • Defends diplomacy and dialogue.
  • Preserves the future planet by responsible consumption and utilization of national resources.
  • Contends to the full participation of all under democratic principles.

The Knowledge of Peace is a concept much greater than the simple absence of violence. Studies of the international scientific community argue that violence can be combated combated through its economic, cultural and social causes. Hence, in doing so, these studies further suggest that considerable advances can be achieved by means of understanding the many ways by combining this knowledge of peace with the dissatisfaction of human needs.

In present situations, overcoming violence and each one of its manifestations -whose horrible effects are not avoidable by some education centres- constitute one of the many principal political priorities of many international organisations as well as governments.

In other means, the education of the capability of a citizenry to creatively and positively face the challenges of the contemporary world as globalisation, immigration or great structural instability that plague current societies, is the principal aim of present day educational politics throughout the world.

The necessity to build peace, a permanent process, from a paradigm that regulates the world’s way of understanding and governing as well as the relationships that give refuge to in our societies. This necessity has helped humanity overcome violence and the challenges of the 21st century so as to achieve an international unanimous agreement to increase and spread the understanding of peace.